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Ipod touch 4th Gen After

August 10, 2012
by Zach

Ipod Touch 4th Gen Screen Replacement

Got a 4th gen ipod touch into the shop this week. Seems as though the owner thought playing chicken with a pair of needle nose pliers was a good idea.

The damage really wasn’t all that bad but the glass was beginning to crack further.

Removing the glass is a fairly strait forward procedure but it gets a little complicated after that.

So once you get is apart comes the fun part of pulling out all the broken glass and adhesive. The better you clean it out the easier it on the new screen.

The ribbon for the LCD is on the very bottom of the Logic board. This basicly means you need to pull apart the the entire unit to get down to that cable.

Once you get all once you have done all that and reattached the ribbon cable it is time to reassemble and begin adding new adhesive to the outer edges and around the home button.

Next thing you need to do is realign the second ribbon cable for the digitizer and makes sure every thing is functioning the way it should be before you button it up. I would also be very carful as the adhesive is very stick and I got myself stuck to the bottom side of the Ipod touch on more than one occasion.

Then once you have folded your ribbon cables in slowly close the two halves up making sure not to press to hard because if you have to use to much force it is likely that one of the ribbon cables in not folded in properly. If you smash or tear one of the ribbon cables you will need to buy a new one. :(

Then just press and hold firmly around all the edges and make sure the adhesive has taken hold.

This job is not one that I would recommend to anyone. It requires a couple special tools and a lot of patience. If you want we can take care of it for a fairly reasonable price.

One not if you are planning on doing it yourself. When you heat the adhesive up to remove the screen be very careful not to pry on the plastic lip on the case. This to my knowledge cannot be replaced and looks pretty bad if it gets messed up.


Ipod Touch 4th Gen Screen replacement $55.00

This includes return shipping to you. So if you are local send me a email and we can work out other arrangements.


August 10, 2012
by Zach

Iphone 4s LCD/Digitizer Black

This is a stock LCD/Digitizer for black Iphone 4s.

Be warned Apple does not sell replacement parts so this is not a authorized or sanctioned part from apple. But don’t be fooled it is basically en exact duplicate.

Iphone 4s black LCD/Digitizer $55.00

If you aren’t the brave type and would like or use to replace your LCD/Digitizer for you we can do that as well.

Iphone 4s black LCD/Digitizer with Replacement and shipping  $75.oo

If you are local to the knoxville/east tennessee area and don’t need shipping shoot us an email and we will be happy to work something out.


Old vs. New

June 14, 2012
by Justin

HTC Thunderbolt Screen Replacement

This is the HTC Thunderbolt 4G…. a great 4.3 in screen….when it doesn’t look like this one….

Broken Thunderbolt

As with most phones you can replace just the outer LCD Glass portion of the screen as seen here:

Digitizer (actual touch surface)

Underneath this Glass touch surface is the LCD portion of the screen which is what houses the actual display as seen here:

LCD (underneath glass)

Complete LCD/Digitizer assembly (front)

It is much more cost effective to just replace the outer Glass Digitizer, however the install is more labor intensive…. In the case of the Thunderbolt the Screen assembly must be very carefully heated in order to remove the screen assembly from the inner frame of the phone, once removed from the frame, then you must gently heat the edges of the glass to soften the adhesive to remove the glass digitizer from the LCD. When doing so, much more care must be taken to ensure that LCD is not damaged during the process as well as no dust or dirt get in between the LCD and digitizer when removing old adhesive and installing new Digitizer. In the case of this phone the owner purchased it already broken, and did not know how long it had been broken, nor if the broken areas had been exposed to any moisture, so it was decided that we would replace then entire pre-assembeld digitizer/lcd screen assembly. It was less labor intensive, however the parts are obviously more expensive. This is the complete assembly….

Complete LCD/Digitizer assembly (backside)

After re-assembling the phone, taking care to make sure everything goes back into place inside the aluminum uni-body frame the end result is a shiny new slick screen.

Old vs. New


June 3, 2012
by Zach

Iphone 4 Home Button Replacement

got a none responsive iphone 4 button in today. It is not a simple thing to replace this button. If you have an hour and a lot of time patience you can do it but it requires the complete dissembling of your phone. All for this little button.



Update: After getting the device completely back together I came to discover that the button from my supplier was faulty. I would say this is a one time thing but I would be lying.

Sometimes parts suppliers from the far east can be very sporadic. So just tore it apart again and threw another button at it. This one doesn’t seem to have be faulty. Thank-you lord.

May 30, 2012
by Zach

HP dv6-3120us lcd replacement

Had a busted lcd in the shop this week.

Customer has a HP dv6-3120us that looks like it has been dropped. Luckily the only damage is to the lcd so it is a pretty easy fix.

This is a fairly easy fix once you get everything tore down. I am not sure i would recommend it to the average joe because it takes some serious time and a lot of these ribbon cables are easy to snap. One other thing is that you won’t know which lcd you need till you get it completely tore down. There are like 10 different kinds so make sure you tear it down and get the model number for replacement.

Contact me if you need some help.